2016 Chi Omega Graduates

Chi Omega... the reason I’ll miss everything about this time in my life. I’ll miss living less than 2 feet away from my best friends. Our lives were all intertwined— so much so, that there was no need to update, because we already knew. We grew into a family— they were the ones by my side during every high and low these past four years. And I’m confident they will continue to— to be my lifelines, to be my rocks, to be my therapists, to be my soulmates. Looking back, it’s scary to think— WHAT IF WE HAD NEVER MET!? For that, I’ll never be able to thank Chi Omega enough!
— Lauren Cummings

Where to even start?!.. Chi Omega (The 804), has left me with some of the most amazing and worthwhile memories and lessons in life. I have literally gained my BEST FRIENDS and future bridesmaids and can't imagine my life without these ladies. I knew even before attending the University of Iowa that being a member of a sorority was exactly what I wanted to do, but I never knew I would land myself in the amazing sisterhood of CHI OMEGA!! From the four wonderful bid days that I got to be apart of, to the endearing event every spring---MOM'S DAY... I have been blessed with the absolute BEST! As I spent making dinner and watching movies with some of my best girlfriends and sisters last night (now alumnae, too), we reminisced about all of the incredible times we spent together from freshman to seniors. My words of advice to current and future Chi Omegas: Enjoy every lasting second and spend as much time as possible with your sistas, because time truly flies. 

XOXO, Chase Crane.

What I'll miss most about Chi O is the daily reminder of one of my most precious blessings. This blessing is something that without experiencing, you'd never understand, but after experiencing you can't completely explain. My closest attempt at explanation lies in the saying, "If you're the greatest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." Thanks to all of my sisters, I found myself in something more special than the 'right room', I found myself in the right house. In this house I was surrounded by women who were stronger, kinder, brightens, more womanly and more dedicated that I could ever hope to be. Though this inspiration to become my greatest self will always stay with me, the constant physical reminder my Sisters gave me through their daily company will be what I miss most. They are the source of my happiest memories, my proudest moments, and my greatest growths. - Hannah Rochford

The things I'll miss the most about being an active are the little things. Stuff like watching the Bachelor in an apartment with my entire pledge class, grabbing a quick coffee to chat with my great grand little Jenna, and the sweet good luck texts when I have a big exam (and the big hugs after no matter how it went!). Taking in the little moment of a huge group of us sitting on the pentacrest laughing about the night before or memories from freshman year. These girls are my world, and I can't wait to see how they change the world. Chi O made me a better friend, because these friends celebrate my accomplishments like they are their own. A better student because these girls are brilliant, but don't take that for granted, they work incredibly hard.  A better person because they pushed me to help others through Make-A-Wish and Dance Marathon. I know I'll take these things with me, and always have a home at the 804 :) - Tess Kilpatrick

Chi Omega has been a blessing to be apart of for the past 4 years at University of Iowa. I have made life-long friends who have pushed me to reach my fullest potential. I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be as happy, smart, positive, and confident as I am if it wasn’t for the women I surrounded myself with in Chi Omega. I will forever be grateful!
— Ali Klein

I never knew that I could be so inspired, loved and encouraged by a group of women. Through Chi Omega, I have found my closest and truest friends, and I have them to thank for molding me into the person that I am today. The life full of joy and happiness that you’ve given me these last four years will be almost impossible to beat in the “real world”. I will always cherish our crazy/sappy/lovey/sad/wonderful memories for the rest of my life, and I have Chi O to thank for it all on that fateful Bid Day in 2012! - Ashley Hoff

Chi Omega has changed my life in many ways. It has introduced me to a group of women who immediately became my best friends, surrounded me with beautiful women to look up to as role models, and gave me the confidence to be who I want to be while making a difference on campus. In addition, throughout my time in Chi Omega I realized that I am capable of so much more than what I had originally believed. I learned to never be discouraged and keep reaching for my goals. Overall, Chi Omega gave me so many things and I can't imagine what my college life would have been like without it. - Karly Dankert

Leaving college and friends behind is hard, but I know I'm so lucky to have something to always look forward to coming back to.  I wouldn't have accomplished half of what I did without these amazing women surrounding me, encouraging me and pushing me to be my best self. - Anna Cardamon

Obviously I'm going to miss a lot about being an active....eating coco puffs At the the house, the morale around Greek week or long days of recruitment wasting away in the basement with twizzlers and coffee...but the most underrated blessing of being an active is being in the same city as all of your best friends. Laying in your best friends bed on a tough day or shopping in her closet. Those are the two things that will feel like the biggest holes next year...which I guess is a good thing because I'm not worried about the long conversations, or the constant call to uphold our standards disappearing :) - Anna Santaga

I will never forget one day walking home from campus to the Chi Omega house, I was listening to 'It's a Beautiful DAy' by Michael Bublé on repeat and smiling because I felt so blessed about my life. Many of those blessings came from my decision to join Chi Omega. From three years of roommates who laughed and cried with me to nights in the rec room singing along to Frozen at the top of our lungs, from late night runs to Hynes Ice Cream because ten of us wanted it - surprised? … bet not - to running to the front of the dinner line to make sure I got to sit next to Miss Anne, from walking in as strangers on bid day to walking out hand in hand towards graduation. Funny thing is I’m not actually graduating *I have a victory lap* but even though I’m still considered a Chi Omega alumna, I am so thankful that some of those that Chi O brought me — shout out to the fam bam: Lauren, Rilez, and Sarah — will still be there to be my go tos. To my other best friends who are moving on to do great things with their lives: the times we spend together may be shortened, but the love and mems will never go away. - Kaylee Huber