Happy Mother's Day to our Chi Omega House Mom, Ms. Anne!

Ms. Anne is every shade of Happy and every kind of Joy. She is a loving woman who strives to ensure we are all happy and cared for. She is a thoughtful friend who is there whenever. She celebrates our victories and cheers us on as we set out to seize new opportunities. She is wise and witty and oh-so-easy to love. I value her for the amazing person she is in every facet of life and I admire her for being such a selfless, zestful house mom. She is kind and understanding, patient and loving. I am so grateful for all she does to make Chi Omega a loving home for all of us. Enjoy this day Ms. Anne because… you deserve it. :) Happy Mother's Day! Love, Taylor Manders

miss anne is my favorite thing in the chi omega house. she is always bright, always sweet, always making friends, always making coffee, always ready to hear about a bad day, always ready to contribute a comment about the bachelor, and always giving the best hugs. i love that woman and truly consider her family. she's one of the things i'll miss most about being an active. - Anna Santaga

Miss Anne has embraced every single one of us since the first day she stepped into the house. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is happy, comfortable and loved, and you can truly tell that she cares about each of our individual lives. Whenever I need advice or even just someone to share good news with, I can always count on Miss Anne. - Cassidy McDowell

Miss Anne is the positive spark that always brightens my day around the house. Her door is open any time I'm having a bad day or just want someone to talk to. She embraces her role within our chapter, and I couldn't imagine living at the 804 without her. She's my mom away from home! - Kayln Hugdahl

Miss Anne is always a comforting story and a warm smile away from making my day. I am proud to be a part of her "morning club" where we would hang out in our pajamas and have breakfast in the wee hours at Chi Omega! I miss these mornings with her every day and these times will always be one of my dearest memories in Chi Omega! - Alex Pagano

There is nothing I looked forward to more than coming back to the 804 after a long day to Miss Anne sitting on the porch greeting me with a smile. She sets the tone for a loving home in Chi Omega, Home is where Miss Anne is. - Riley Coyle

Miss Anne has become much more than just a house mom to me, she's a lifelong friend. I can honestly say it is her warm, welcoming presence that has made this house a home for me. She brings a light to our chapter that is simply irreplaceable. We are so lucky to call this wonderful woman family! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are, Miss Anne! - Allie Mayers

She is literally a breath of fresh air. She is always cracking jokes and can make me smile even if I'm in a bad mood. Every time we talk she always remembers what's going on in my life so I know she is always genuinely listening. She's the bestest - Taylor Cork

living in the 804 would not be nearly the same without miss Anne. she is a smiling face, a warm hug (or two) whenever I see her, ray of sunshine and is always down for a good laugh! her stories are something I will truly miss once I don't live in anymore and she has been one of my favorite people to go in and talk to after a long day. I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to become close with her and she has definitely made the chi omega house home for me - Ashley Mazzocchi

You can always count on a big and bright smile from Miss Anne everyday at the Chi Omega house. She is the most caring person, always asking how we are doing and if she can do anything for us without asking for anything in return. She can chat for hours and crack jokes with the best of them! She will definitely be one of the things I miss most when I no longer live in the house next year! - Maddie Flesner

Even though I haven’t lived in yet and just joined Chi Omega this year, I already feel such an awesome bond with Miss Anne! The fact that she remembers small details about my life every time we talk just shows how much she cares about every single one of us! I can’t wait to continue to get to know her when I live in next year smile emoticon Plus Miss Anne is hilarious and isn’t afraid to joke around with everyone. Seriously couldn’t ask for more!
— Taylor Steinfeldt

From the beginning, Miss Anne has embraced her role as our House Mom, and has treated us like her own daughters. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet such a kind, and loving soul. - Ashley Hoff

Miss Anne is the most caring and loveable house mom I could ask for! She always puts a smile on my face, and I'm so grateful for everything she does for us chi o's. We're so lucky to have her and I can't wait to share a house with her next year! - Margaret kaufman

Miss Anne is what makes this Chi Omega house a home. I can always count on her cracking a joke to brighten my day or calling me out for being tired before I've had my morning coffee. I can talk to her about anything and everything, and I'm so grateful for our friendship. Love you, Miss Anne! - Ally Orwig!

When I first saw Miss Anne I thought she was the cutest thing ever. She is so welcoming and it warms my heart! I can't wait to live in the house with her next year. -Heidi swanson

Since I will no longer be living in the house next year, I'm not sure what I'm going to do without a big smile from Miss Anne bright & early every morning, which always makes  my day! She is the most genuine, kind, & respected woman I know! Much love to her! - Hayley Wilson

Ms Anne is more than just a House Mom. She is a care giver, a role model and a friend. Some of my favorite memories from this house are from my early morning talks with her. I feel truly lucky to have a wonderful woman like her in my life. - Meaghan O'Brien

Becoming close with Miss Anne is definitely one of the things I've enjoyed about living in the Chi Omega house. She is a constant reminder of the good in the world. You can tell she loves all of us just as much as we love her. We are so lucky to have a house mom who is also an amazing friend. Her positive attitude is something that always brightens my day, and she is a woman we should all strive to be more like. - Haylee Parker

Ms. Anne genuinely cares about every girl in this chapter and she makes sure that we know that. There is never a dull moment when she is around and she always brings smiles into whatever room she's in! We love her! - Jestine Rands

I am beyond thankful for a kind hearted, level headed, incredibly loyal woman to live with and work with each day. Life is much brighter with Miss Anne. I am truly blessed to know her. Xoxo - Madi Smith

Miss Anne gives the chi omega house a sense of "home", and I haven't even lived there yet. Her kind hearted personality and warm smile always brighten up my day! She truly cares about each and every one of us and I am so thankful for that. - Annie Korff

I love when I get to stop by the house because Miss Anne is typically the one to great me with a joyous smile. I truly enjoy sitting down and conversing with her because you can tell she wants to get to know every single girl. I can't wait to continue getting to know her over the years! - Jayde Price

Ms. Anne- you are one of the best people I have met in college. I will never forget the time you made ham and deviled eggs on Easter. It was so hard being away from my family, but you were the one that cheered me up. I love our chats and am so thankful for all you do. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!! - Maddie Lorentzen

Even though I never got the chance to live in the house with Miss Anne, she has still had such a positive impact on my life. She is so genuinely interested in everything that each Chi Omega is involved in, and has a wonderful skill that makes you feel incredibly important and loved each time you interact with her. Miss Anne’s smile lights up the room, and I have loved watching her light up the faces of each of the younger Chi Omegas living in the house. She truly has changed the atmosphere of being a live-in for the better and I couldn’t feel luckier that we get to call her our House Mom!
— Morgan Kennedy