Mary Mondanaro, Mary Grace Henderson, Chase Marzen, Hannah Lee, Anna Stillman, Mackenzie Watterson, Danielle McComas, Karly Lent, Kate Curran, Olivia Denkinger, + Renee Cafun

Mary Mondanaro, Mary Grace Henderson, Chase Marzen, Hannah Lee, Anna Stillman, Mackenzie Watterson, Danielle McComas, Karly Lent, Kate Curran, Olivia Denkinger, + Renee Cafun

Meet our Executive Board

PRESIDENT - Mary Grace Henderson

As the Chapter President, I try to foster an environment at Psi Beta that is centered on the 6 Purposes of Chi Omega. I am responsible for ensuring that all of our bylaws, procedures, and policies are being enforced with the help of my amazing  fellow Executive Board members. Additionally, I communicate and collaborate with other leaders and advisors in the Fraternity and Sorority Community at The University of Iowa. I also work closely with our National Leadership Consultant and Regional Director from Chi Omega's National Headquarters. This February, I had the privilege of representing Psi Beta at Chi Omega's Firesides Convention! It was incredible to get to spend time with Chi Omegas from across the country that share a mutual love for this organization. I am so fortunate that I get to form meaningful relationships with all members of my Chapter and the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community through my position! To say that my membership in Chi Omega has changed me for the better is a drastic understatement. My sisters have become my best friends, biggest advocates, and my role models! I am eternally thankful that I found my home in Chi Omega!

VICE PRESIDENT - Olivia Denkinger

As Vice President, I am the keeper of Psi Beta’s bylaws and oversee the academic side of the chapter. Chi Omega is filled with so many driven and motivated women- I absolutely love serving in this position and seeing first hand the incredible achievements this chapter makes! Chi Omega has brought me so many things to be thankful for: genuine friendships, leadership experience, and countless women who drive me to be the best version of myself daily. I could not cherish my time in this chapter more, and take great pride in calling myself a Chi Omega.

SECRETARY - Renee Cafun

As secretary, I am in charge of keeping track of the attendance at weekly chapter meetings and other mandatory events! I am also get to update our chapter's archives, including the roll book that contains the names of all past and present members of Psi Beta and the minutes of every chapter meeting! Additionally, I serve as the liaison between our chapter's members and our advisors, who ensure Chi Omega remains a great chapter over the years. The best part about serving as secretary is getting to know not only our active members but also with our alumnae sisters, the advisors, who have been a part of Chi Omega for 10+ years!

TREASURER - Mary Mondanaro

As treasurer I am responsible for making and sticking to the chapter budget. A lot of my work is behind the scenes, but I work with directors and executive board members in order to ensure that our sisterhoods, date parties, and other events stick to budget. Being able to ensure monetary security for Psi Beta is an analytical but extremely rewarding position and I love being able to ensure that our financial decisions reflect the wants and needs of the women of Psi Beta!


As the New Member Educator, I have the honor of welcoming our new member class into their first year in Chi Omega and assisting them with their transition to college life. I get to spend the fall teaching these women the history of our organization and the values upon which we were founded, helping them prepare for initiation and for their future as exceptional members of Chi Omega. I am ecstatic for the opportunity this role gives me to connect with an entire new class of women and to serve as a mentor, friend, and best of all, a sister to each and every one of them!  


As personnel of Chi Omega, I am in charge of the standards (enforcing the rules, holding sisters accountable and to a high standard), risk management (ensuring the safety of sisters), sisterhood (making sure all my sisters are feeling loved and cared for), and morale (making Chi Omega as enjoyable as possible for all). I also serve as a confidant to the chapter as everything that is told to me is confidential! I have loved having the opportunity to grow and form relationships with many sisters in the chapter. Being able to work with so many sisters is truly something special and I love being a part of such a strong and loving sisterhood. Chi Omega has brought me not only my friends while I am in college but friends that will last a lifetime.


Hi, I'm Annalisa Stillman and I serve as the Recruitment Chair. In this position, I oversee and lead our chapter during one of our biggest events of the year: fall formal recruitment! I focus most of my efforts on making sure our recruiting members are comfortable and confident in finding our next class of Chi Omegas, while my counter part, MacKenzie works on making sure all the behind the scenes action is going as planned. I have loved being able to get to know so many more of my sisters through workshops, work week and during recruitment rounds. Recruitment is truly my favorite part of being a Chi Omega, so being able to lead our chapter through our recruitment process has been such an honor!

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR - Mackenzie Watterson

As Membership Chair, I do a lot of behind the scenes work during recruitment. My main job is to make sure that the chapter is recruiting girls that uphold our purposes, and will flourish as Chi Omegas. I love this position because I am able to work closely with so many wonderful women in Chi Omega to make sure that recruitment runs as smoothly, and as fun:), as possible!


As Panhellenic Delegate, my role is to represent Chi Omega in our Panhellenic community on campus. By meeting with PHC representatives on a weekly basis, I have the opportunity to increase communication and clarity between the council and our own chapter. My job is to use Chi Omega's voice the best that I can, so that PHC can pass bylaws, hold events, and support our community in ways that are beneficial to my sisters in Chi Omega. Panhellenic involvement is another dimension the role of Panhellenic Delegate, which means that it is my duty to promote positive relationships between Chi Omega and other chapters on campus. I am given the chance to interact with delegates from other chapters and exchange ideas that will help improve these Panhellenic relationships and boost the PHC community altogether.  


As director of programming, I oversee 15 cardinal cabinet directors and I serve as the liaison between those directors and the executive board. We meet one to two times a month where I help them brainstorm event ideas, I troubleshoot with them, and I'm their go to person for questions or whenever they need help. Psi Beta's directors are the brains behind just about all we do and I'm so proud to lead this group of women. I love working with them because they inspire me to put my best foot forward and I get to see them grow as leaders in our chapter.


As facilities manager, I act as the liaison between the active members of Psi Beta and our wonderful House Corporation board. My position ensures that everything is running smoothly within the house by delegating weekly duties and communicating with our house mom and advisors frequently. I have loved getting to work with so many amazing women, and I am so fortunate to get to take care of the beautiful place us Chi Omegas call home!

Anna Stillman, Chase Marzen, Kate Curran, Mary Mondanaro, Mary Grace Henderson, Karly Lent, Renee Cafun, Olivia Denkinger, Hannah Lee, Danielle McComas, + Mackenzie Watterson

Anna Stillman, Chase Marzen, Kate Curran, Mary Mondanaro, Mary Grace Henderson, Karly Lent, Renee Cafun, Olivia Denkinger, Hannah Lee, Danielle McComas, + Mackenzie Watterson

Meet Our Cardinal Cabinet Directors


External Sisterhood Director - Grayson Gifford

I serve as the External Sisterhood Director for Chi Omega, meaning I have the job of planning two of my favorite Chi Omega events-- Dad's Day and Mom's Day! Not only are these events special for the quality time we get to spend with our families and sisters, but also because they benefit Make-A-Wish! Working hard to coordinate an event with my committee and seeing the entire chapter and their families get to enjoy such a special day is such a gratifying and amazing experience!
Mom's Day chairs: Morgan Ross, Kim Vencer and Emma Meador
Dad's Day chairs: Nicole Pagliari and Callie Thomas

Beth Kuhn + Caely Tietz

Beth Kuhn + Caely Tietz

Internal Sisterhood Director - Caely Tietz

I am fortunate enough to be able to plan all of the events we have as a chapter. This includes our annual sisterhood retreat in the fall and our sisterhood senior send-off in the spring. This past semester, I also planned a Galentine’s Day spa night, an event with Hothouse Yoga, went to get spray tans together before Formal, and ended the year celebrating at the Chi Omega house with all my sisters. I love my position because it allows me to work with many different businesses in Iowa City, and of course do fun things with my sisters in Chi Omega.  
Sisterhood Retreat chairs: Madison Mayberry and Julia Romanowski
Small Events chairs: Sylvia Clubb and Stephanie Garoufalis

Parent's Club Director - Beth Kuhn

My position is Parent's Club Director! With this position, I have the opportunity to make connections with the parents of current members in Chi Omega, as well as help plan some cool events with the help of the parents for our new members and seniors. During the Parent's Club meetings, I get to represent all of the girls living in the house. Being able to have an impact on our chapter by having a leadership position has been extremely rewarding so far and has also helped me a lot with my leadership and communication skills!
Graduation Brunch Chairs: Angela Trible, Rachel Frescoln, Stephanie Baeth and Brennan Hook
Family Weekend Brunch Chairs: Madison Mayberry, Sydney Aitchison, Erin Smith, Josie Hermann, Elle Bode, Taylor Fridrich and Kelsey Ford


Holly Dannen + Mary Kainec

Holly Dannen + Mary Kainec

External Social Director - Holly Dannen

My biggest role as External Social Director is to strengthen Chi Omega’s ties with other organizations on Iowa’s campus. This position has allowed me to meet/work with so many new people both within the Greek community and outside of it. So far, we’ve had movie nights, workout classes, trivia and so much more with a variety of different organizations. I have loved the hands on experience of planning these events for Chi Omega!
External Social Event Chairs: Katelyn Bonnet and Gina Sobeki

Internal Social Director - Mary Kainec

As Internal Social Director, I am responsible for planning all of our date parties, semiformal, and formal events. I work to ensure our events are fun, safe, and organized. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing all of your sisters laughing, dancing, and having a great time!
Internal Social Event Chairs: Jess Hawkins and Elle Weilbrenner

Campus activities

Rory Laubengayer & Katherine Henry

Rory Laubengayer & Katherine Henry

External Director - Alex Wilson

I get to encourage involvement in organizations (clubs, intramurals, etc.) on campus, as well as highlight our members within different organizations. I also get to coordinate Greek Spiritwear.
Campus Activities Chair: Grace Foxen

Internal Directors - Rory Laubengayer & Katherine Henry

We are the external Campus Activities Directors! We coordinate the campus-wide activities Chi Omega participates in during Homecoming and Greek Week. It is awesome to see how much fun everyone has with other chapters, and are so grateful to lead Chi O in these activities. The best part of our job is seeing all the energy and positivity our chapter brings to the competitions!
Dance Chairs: Jenny Kulhanek and Madison Driscoll
Participation Chairs: Marisa Casas and Olivia Gorsche

Community service

Madeline Volk, Haleigh Houston, + Megan Crotts

Madeline Volk, Haleigh Houston, + Megan Crotts

Make-A-Wish Director - Haleigh Houston

I am Chi Omega’s Internal Philanthropy Director for 2019. This position has been incredibly rewarding. I get to plan fundraisers and promotion events for our philanthropy Make-A-Wish. This past spring I organized our Mom’s Day Auction and I am so excited for our annual Wish Week this upcoming fall! In my position, I have gotten to see firsthand the amazing contributions Chi Omega can make for our philanthropy. I have never been more proud to be a Chi Omega Psi Beta! :)
Mom's Day MAW Auction Chairs: Maria Werner Anderson, Hanna Chambers and Kylene Spanbauer
Wish Week Chairs: Sidney Smolik, Shannon Micklewright and Emma McIlhon

Golf Classic Service Director - Megan Crotts

As the Chi Omega Golf Classic Director, I have the privilege of organizing our biggest philanthropy event. It's a long-awaited outing by our fathers and fraternity men on campus alike. Finding a venue, ordering shirts, and running the event is just part of what makes Golf Classic so incredible. I have the full support of two chairs and a rocking committee. What's better than granting a few wishes while shootin' a par 3 on the back-9, am I right?
Golf Classic Chairs: Danielle McComas, Anushi Wijayagunaratne and Megan Theis

Greek Philanthropy Director - Madeline Volk

As Psi Beta’s philanthropy director, I get to help immerse our chapter in philanthropy throughout the university as well as the community. I encourage our women to attend philanthropy events on campus and make sure that everyone is doing their part in community service. I love being able to interact with other Greek chapters and raise money for the philanthropies that we all care so deeply about.
Volunteer Opportunities Chairs: Elle Bode and Marisa Milavetz

Career & Personal Development 

Kate Vittore + Andrea Huls

Kate Vittore + Andrea Huls

Alumna Relations Director - Kate Vittore

My name is Kate Vittore and I serve as Psi Beta’s Alum Relations & Centennial Director! I work to connect our active members to alumna in order to help them in their future career plans. The best part of my job has been putting on our chapter’s Centennial event this past April. It meant the world to me to serve as the chairman and MC such a special occasion in our chapter’s history!
Centennial Chairs: Emma Hapeman, Laura Derby, Emma Ford, Sarah Fisher and Ashton Bries
Holiday Cozy Chairs: Sara Leiding and Alli Grier

Educational Director - Andrea Huls

As Educational Director, I have the opportunity to invite diverse speakers to present to our groups so that we can learn more about a wide range of topics. As co-director in the Career and Personal Development Cabinet, I work towards educating and helping our collegiate members create resumes, apply for jobs, and get ready for their next steps in life. I love being Educational Director because it is so rewarding to have our members learn from an activity or presentation and then use it for their future career paths.

Public relations

Camryn Glienke + Addi Bennett

Camryn Glienke + Addi Bennett

External Marketing Director - Camryn Glienke

For my position as External Marketing Director, I manage all of Psi Beta’s social media accounts and capture content at every one of Chi Omega’s events throughout the year. This position has allowed me to learn all about the marketing industry, as well as the “ins and outs” of social media. This leadership opportunity has made me step outside of my comfort zone, which has taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future. I love being able to capture all of the fun moments our sisterhood has and share them with the world!
Video/Photography Chairs: Peyton Ross Mckenna Tackes
Hospitality Chairs: Sarah Niesman, Katie Freund and Peyton Swift
Blog Chairs: Maddie Huntley and Georgia Sampson

Internal Marketing Director - Addi Bennett

My name is Addi Bennett, and I am the Internal Public Relations director. My position puts the creativity in Chi Omega! I create and design banners and decor for all of the Chi Omega events. I love brainstorming with my committee and working along side Camryn Glienke. My committee is my go-to girls! I especially love my position because I get to make memories with my incredible sisters!
Apparel Chair: Kara Krantz
Banner Chair: Hannah Albertson and Sydney Striegel