Bid Day 2016

It’s more than opening an envelope and seeing the name of their new sorority inside. It’s more than hugging the girls that are their new Sisters once they arrive at their new chapter. It’s finally coming home, a home that has been waiting for them for a long time. A home that made early morning wake up calls and endless small talk worth it. For our new member class of 2016-2017, this home is Chi Omega, and we could not wait to bring these new members home on Bid Day.


Preparing for Bid Day is quite the feat, including nerves and pre-celebration jitters. But, the task becomes much easier once we remember how excited we are to give 57 new members a place to call their own. Our New Member Educator, Maddie Lorentzen, was the mastermind behind the day that our new members will remember as the day that started it all.

Maddie reflected on Bid Day, saying, “being in charge of planning Bid Day was a blast. From the theme to the decorations, everything was in place, but I was still incredibly nervous. Finally, our Recruitment Chair handed me the list of all our new members and I think I screamed so loud that I ruptured my own ear drums. In that moment, everything about Bid Day came together for me. We have the most amazing pledge class I could have ever imagined. So much so that t-shirts and the perfect playlist that I spent hours crafting didn’t even matter. What was important is how Bid Day was just one big celebration of these fantastic ladies joining Chi Omega. I know our new members will continue the legacy of being a strong, respected chapter full of women who truly care about each other. I cannot wait for them to be the ones giving hugs on bid day next year!”

It is worth it. It’s more than the social media buzz, more than wearing our letters home for the first time after bid day, and it’s more than the initial sea of hugs our new members found themselves engulfed in upon exiting the bus on Bid Day. It is friendship that lasts a lifetime, sisterhood that is stronger than any demons that might cross our paths, and memories that will stay etched in the center of our hearts long after we have packed up and left Iowa City behind.

We could not be more excited for our new members to enter into this unbreakable sisterhood, and Bid Day was just the beginning of it all. Hear below from a few of our New Members on why they went Chi O. 

I went Chi O because that’s where I felt at home. I’m a sophomore and every time I met a Chi Omega throughout my freshman year I just felt like I could see myself being their Sister! By meeting people through mutual friends, student orgs, or intramurals, I was so excited to go through recruitment and hopefully make Chi Omega my home. Bid day was the best day ever when I opened that card and realized that I was now going to be led, inspired, and surrounded by a truly incredible group of women. I’m so proud to be a Chi Omega!
— Kayla C

I went Chi O for many reasons, but one of my top reasons was for their philanthropy. the Make-A-Wish Organization is really near and dear to my heart. I love kids and my mom had cancer. I was watching the Chi O sorority video and watching what these women do to make kids happy was one major deciding factors. Kids and cancer have a huge influence on my heart & I want to do everything I can to make these kids happy! I knew Chi O was the one for me when they were passionate about the same things I was. - Bridget H

"When I came to Iowa, I knew I wanted to join a sorority. I knew I wanted the friendships, leadership positions, and service opportunities that were presented to all Potential New Members prior to recruitment. What I didn't know, was how much a sorority was going to impact me on a personal level. As I went through recruitment I found myself being drawn to the Chi O house and all the wonderful and well-rounded ladies I met there. I anticipated going to Chi Omega every round, and at the conclusion of each round I found myself wishing I could stay longer. It wasn't until I was talking to my best friend (a sophomore in Greek Life at another school) about recruitment that I really learned why I loved Chi Omega. She asked me the type of person I wanted to be upon graduating high school, and I listed characteristics such as determined, passionate, and humble, among many others. She then asked me what chapter I described, and I knew instantly that it was Chi Omega. The ladies I met with were some of the most kind hearted and down to earth women I've ever spoken to. Chi Omega truly gives a new meaning to sisterhood: a family that will push you, believe in you, and ultimately be there for you no matter what." - Michaela

From the first time I walked into the Chi Omega house there was a sense of acceptance and passion that I hadn’t experienced in the other houses. I immediately found it easy to talk to girls older me and didn’t worry about an age gap throughout the house. The girls were able to make each of girl going through recruitment feel that we mattered and we made a difference; our faces were going to be remembered. The pride that was displayed through everyone with Chi Omega radiated and I found that time sped by. I was begging for more minutes to get to know the people surrounding me. I wanted a house with a strong sisterhood and I wanted friendships that would carry me through whatever obstacle may arise and at Chi O there was no part of me that doubted that these would be the people to provide this.
— Sara L

I went Chi O because it felt like home the minute I walked in. The girls were genuine, every girl was so sweet, and they all had the biggest hearts. During the sisterhood / philanthropy round, I knew it was the place for me. - Alex Wilson

Being a member of Chi Omega (even for these few short weeks) has given me more than I could ever ask for. I have gained sisters, self-confidence, wisdom, and leadership skills. I know that Chi Omega loves me for who I am and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Being around a group of 150+ women that genuinely want me to do well and will push me to achieve great things is incredible. I love knowing I have over 150 sisters to: turn to after a bad day, study with, get Panch with, do community service with, go to football games with, go to the gym with, laugh with and cry with. Chi Omega has given me a family and a home away from home. I know that these letters (and people) will forever be a part of my life and I am thankful now and every day forward for all Chi Omega has given me, and will continue to give to me :)
— Rachel F.

The moment I knew I had to go Chi O was when I saw how all the girls interacted with each other and how much they truly loved one another. Chi Omegas have a genuine spirit about themselves and I wanted nothing more than to get to know each and every one of them better. I am always smiling at the Chi O house, and everyone makes me feel so good about myself. -Karly Lent


Reasons why I love Chi Omega.. 

1. The girls in Chi Omega always push me to be my best and make me feel like I am apart of something bigger. That's what life's about, right? Being the best you, you can be!!! 

2. The girls are genuine. These sisters all share common values and stick to them! I can be myself in the house. 

3. Chi O girls are creative.. From recruitment songs to my gifts from my big. They make every event unique. 

4. Having affiliation as a Chi Omega girl pushes me to higher standards as the Chi Omega chapter is well respected... who doesn't want to feel classy, smart, and intelligent?! - Kylie


I went Chi O because I knew the moment I walked in the house I was home. I felt like I could find my best friends that will last a lifetime and give back to the community in so many new ways. Chi O will definitely push me to become a better me! -Gina T.

I went Chi O because Chi Omega has it all. It is a great organization where I knew I would be pushed to be just as great. I felt at home at Chi O from the first moment I walked in during recruitment and every other time I walked in, I fell in love a little more. I walked out after Preference round and knew I couldn’t imagine calling any other house home.
— Annalisa S.

The reason why I love Chi Omega is because of the personal connections you make within minutes of talking to a girl you've never met. Chi Omega girls want the best for each other and help each other become a better version of who you are encouraging you to take risks you may not have taken without their support. Overall being a Chi Omega means being genuinely loved by people who want to see you strive for your goals and reach the top of your personal mountain. :) - Sydne

I joined Chi Omega because it inspires me. The women in the chapter inspire me, the morals we hold inspire me, and being a part of something so special inspires me. I feel like myself being in Chi O, and I know that it will only push me to become the best version of myself that I can be. I know that I made the best choice when I went Chi O - Kate V.