Bid Day 2018's Star Girls

Bid Day was a day full of pure joy and happy tears as we welcomed home our 54 star girls to the 804. Our new member educator Kate Vittore planned a magical bid day, making it so fun bringing home our “star girls”! It was “written in the stars” and Chi Omega couldn't have asked for a better new member class and we are proud to show them off. Read below to learn more about our newest additions!

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Maddy Ackerburg

"She's a spunky ball of energy that always keeps busy and never says no to a new adventure. She is a friend to everyone and always wants everyone to feel welcomed."

Hometown: Clayton, Missouri

Major: Creative Writing




Sydney Aitchison

"Sydney is an incredible young woman. She brings light into every room with her genuine personality and selfless soul. She is a true role model of poise and generosity. We are so happy to have welcomed her home to Chi Omega."

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Major: Nursing



Hannah Albertson

"Hannah is such radiant and classy woman and Chi Omega is so lucky to have such a genuine heart like hers!"

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Major: Therapeutic Recreation




Maddie Berst

“Maddie is a spunky, genuine, and truly captivating young woman. Her vibrance is then paired with her peaceful and calming nature. She is someone everyone needs as a friend.”

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Major: Pre-Dental






Bri Bisgard

"Bri is a well respected and brilliant lady who will bring so much to this chapter. She shines so brightly!"

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Major: Nursing


Elle Bode

"Elle Bode is an absolute charm to be in Chi O. She is warm hearted, beautiful inside and out, motivated, and her laughter is contagious.”

Hometown: Coralville, Iowa

Major: Nursing


Katelyn Bonnett

"Katelyn is such a bright, beautiful, young lady. She brings positivity in to any situation and she lights up a room just by being there. Chi Omega is unbelievably lucky to have her."

Hometown: Johnston, Iowa

Major: Pre-Law



Kameryn Bounds

"Kameryn is such a breath of fresh air. Her humor and positivity light up the room. Chi Omega could not be more honored to have her."

Hometown: West Des Moines

Major: Communications



Taylor Boyd

“Taylor's radiant and sincere personality can brighten the mood of any room that she is in. She is so authentic, considerate, kind-hearted, and beautiful inside and out. Chi Omega is beyond lucky to have such an incredible women in our chapter.”

Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

Major: Psychology


Ashton Bries

"While Ashton’s life is hectic, she is never too busy to spend time with her friends and is always there just when you need her. Psi Beta is so lucky to have her and I look forward to sharing many memories with her in the future."

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Major: Psychology


Kirsten Brown

"Kirsten is the kindest and most genuine person. Her heart is golden, and everyone is lucky to know her."

Hometown: Adair, Iowa

Major: Radiology


Claire Burelbach

"Claire Burelbach is just a little ray of sunshine! Her natural beauty is capturing and her goofy sense of humor is so special! She is so kind and  a joy to be around!"

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Major: Human Physiology


Emma Carlson

“Emma is genuine, kind-hearted and charismatic. Her intelligence and drive will take her far in life. Emma’s presence brings joy to all those around her.”

Hometown: Clive, Iowa

Major: Psychology, Pre-Med




Marisa Casas

"Marisa is such a radiant, kind, and mature young woman. Her smile brightens any room she walks into, and her positivity will take her far in life. She brings so much joy to our chapter!”

Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Major: Business




Natalie Christensen

"She’s bright, bubbly, and one hundred percent true to herself. Her fun-loving and easygoing spirit shine through to everyone she interacts with, and she is loved by all who know her!"

Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa

Major: Open




Sylvia Clubb

"Sylvia is one of the most determined and fun-loving people I’ve ever met. She cares so much about the people around her and anybody would be lucky to have her as a friend!”

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Major: English




Jordian Cook

"She's super personable, compassionate, and has a smile that can make anyone's day!!"

Hometown: Monmouth, Illinois

Major: Open



Madison Driscoll

“Madison is radiant, passionate, and full of laughter she puts 100% into everything she does and is the friend everyone wants to have. Madison always puts the service of others before herself and embodies everything Chi omega stands for.“

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Major: Nursing



Greyson Dumont

“Greyson is one of the most hard working girls I know! She’s a business major, and she’s so invested in her classes, which I really admire.”

Hometown: Solon, Iowa

Major: Business



Ciara Feldman

“From the first time I talked to Ciara, I knew she belonged in the 804. From her strong academic drive to her radiant energy and positivity, I know she will bring so much to this chapter, and I can’t wait to watch her grow as a member of Chi Omega."

Hometown: Marshalltown, Iowa

Major: Chemistry, Pre-Med Track



Emma Ford

“Emma is naturally beautiful inside and outside. She has a huge heart and radiant spirit!“

Hometown: Johnston, Iowa

Major: Psychology



Kelsey Ford

"Kelsey is super sweet, outgoing, and easy to hold a conversation with. I know she will contribute so much understanding and level thinking to the Psi Beta chapter of Chi Omega, and expand her friendship to include everyone she meets."

Hometown: Grayslake, Illinois

Major: Nursing



Grace Foxen

"Grace’s kindness is contagious! She is a total sweetheart with a genuine smile. Her pure heart is inspirational. She brings so much joy to Chi Omega!"

Hometown: Waukee, Iowa

Major: Business



Katie Freund

"Katie is an actual ray of sunshine! Her smile could light up any room and her humor is unmatched. She has a heart of gold and we are so lucky to have her in Chi Omega!"

Hometown: North Barrington, Illinois

Major: Recreation Therapy




Taylor Fridrich

"Taylor is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is cool and confident, and always makes everyone around her feel special. Her hard work and dedication make her an amazing role model to everyone."

Hometown: North Liberty, Iowa

Major: Pre-Dentistry



Emmerson Fuller

"Emmerson is one of the sweetest souls. She is unbelievably selfless and never fails to have a smile on her face. She is such an unbelievably bright girl and is such a light. "

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

Major: Elementary Education



Katy Garn

"Katy is a breath of fresh air! Her infectious energy and smile makes everyone feel welcome and loved. She is the definition of sunshine!"

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Major: Biomedical Engineering



Olivia Gorsche

"I fell in love with Liv when I picked her up at the Chi O door during recruitment and I felt SO lucky to be the one who picked her up on Bid Day. She truly IS a star through her passion, confidence, and cool essence. I know that she will take advantage of the opportunities presented to her and SHINE in her 1st year as a Chi Omega. She knows how to make anything and everything fun and worthwhile - especially watching Harry Potter and playing Monopoly!"

Hometown: Johnston, Iowa

Major: Pre-Law



Kennedy Hannan

"Tears of happiness as I welcomed her home on Bid Day. Kennedy is such a driven, classy, amiable, and bright young women that is going to add so much to our chapter. I can’t wait to see her grow with her experiences as a Chi Omega and throughout her college career! She has a bright future."

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Major: Business


Josie Hermann

"Josie is a bundle of happiness! She spreads love and joy to everyone she talks to! She is compassionate, caring and a true friend. Chi O is lucky to have Josie!"

Hometown: Washington, Illinois

Major: Enterprise Leadership, Pre-PA


Jordan Hook

"Jordan is selfless, bright and beautiful inside and out! She has an infectious personality and I have no doubt that she is going to flourish in Chi Omega!"

Hometown: Adel, Iowa

Major: Human Physiology



McKenna Horstmann

"McKenna is centered, brilliant, and compassionate. She radiates love, and she gives the best hugs! McKenna is a supportive friend and  always makes time for the people that she cares about."

Hometown: Des Moines

Major: Engineering



Madeline Huntley

"Maddie is a ball of energy and an absolute hoot! She is inclusive and loving and it is a privilege to know her."

Hometown: Urbandale, Iowa

Major: Marketing


Grace Keller

"Grace Lynn Keller is a Sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communication studies. She is the EPITOME of a star girl. Her joy and compassion she has for life shines through in every conversation you have with her, and she is incredibly easy to relate to. She is a tour guide on campus and loves sharing her passion for Iowa with incoming students.."

Hometown: Island Lake, Illinois

Major: Communications


Kayla Kinney

"Kayla is a truly genuine, radiant, and kind hearted girl. She is driven, yet humble, calm and collected, and bubbly and spontaneous all at the same time. You can’t help but smile when you’re around her!!"

Hometown: West Des Moines, Iowa

Major: Pre-PA





Madison Mayberry

"To know Madi is to love her! Her fun-loving and easygoing personality make her a joy to be around, and she has a smile that lights up every room she walks into. Chi O is so lucky to have her!"

Hometown: Morris, Illinois

Major: Open



Emma Mcilhon

" Emma’s positive attitude and shining personality can make any situation fun! She is a friend to everyone she meets, and her smile radiates sunshine. Our chapter wouldn’t be the same without her."

Hometown: Clive, Iowa

Major: Business




Shannon Micklewright

"Shannon is so put together and keeps her values at the forefront! She’s a ball to hang out with and makes me laugh so hard! I can already tell she’s someone I can trust with anything and will always be there for when I need an ear to listen."

Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Major: Human Physiology



Ellise Mueller

"Ellise radiates positivity whatever room she walks into. Her optimism and pure joy for life is infectious and I couldn't ask for a better addition to Chi Omega. She is so loved!"

Hometown: Adel, Iowa

Major: Psychology




Georgia Sampson

“Georgia is spunky, sassy, and full of energy. Her smile is contagious and she brings life to Psi Beta. We are so lucky to have her!”

Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois

Major: Creative Writing




Abbey Schwarzenbach

"Abbey is the total package! She has a pure and genuine presence! Abbey is radiant, compelling, kind hearted, and easy to love!"

Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota

Major: Nursing


Erin Smith

"I am so excited that Erin went Chi O. She is unique and genuine and she is going to THRIVE in this chapter. I can’t wait to see what amazing things she will do in her next four years, and we are so lucky to have her :-)"

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Major: Pre-Med




Gina Sobecki

"Gina is one of those people that can light up a room with her radiant personality and contagious smile. Gina carries herself with poise and grace in everything she does, and Chi Omega is lucky to welcome her as a new sister."

Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences



Saylor Sonnenburg

"Saylor has the most kind and giving heart, and her positivity and love for others is infectious!"

Hometown: Clive, Iowa

Major: Pre-Med




Katie Stadler

"Katie is a friend to everyone! She radiates positivity everywhere she goes. She is so passionate and determined and a true STAR! So lucky to have her in Chi O and as a sister!"

Hometown: Cary, Illinois

Major: Health Sciences




Sydney Striegel

"Sydney is a social butterfly. She has the amazing ability to talk to others and make everyone feel comfortable around her. Her beauty and knowledge reflect exactly what it is to be a Chi Omega."

Hometown: Sigourney, Iowa

Major: Biomedical Engineering



Anna Sullivan

"Right when Anna jumped into my arms on Bid Day, I knew her love for chi o was beyond all means! Anna is a radiant, beautiful, & one of a kind HOOTIE! Her strong work ethic and generosity is what I value most about her! "

Hometown: Northfield, Minnesota

Major: Open




McKenna Tackes

"McKenna exudes elegance. She is humble, compassionate, and lovely in every way. And to top it off, she is a stylish little lady! So happy to call this sweet girl my sister!

Hometown: Keokuk, Iowa

Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences





Rachel Tandy

" Rachel is one of most down to earth, well-rounded, and driven women I have ever met. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel special, a true friend and role model to all.”

Hometown: Vinton, Iowa

Major: Health and Human Physiology



Callie Thomas

"Callie is an amazing, well-rounded lady. She is always smiling, and her bubbly personality can make everyone around her feel good!"

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

Major: Elementary Education




Megan Verzoni

"The second Megan ran off the bus she shined.  She is such a sweet and fun soul, easy going, and so driven. I can’t wait to see what the next four years hold for her and watch her continue to shine like the star I know she is."

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Accounting




Haley Vihnanek

"Haley has the kindest heart! She is intelligent, thoughtful, and crazy funny. Haley always finds a way to make everyone's day brighter and brings so much love into the world!"

Hometown: Oak Lawn, Illinois

Major: Pre-Med



Elle Weilbrenner

"She is the most determined, out going, personable girl I have ever met. She is a true go getter and we are so so lucky to call her a Chi Omega."

Hometown: Ottumwa, Iowa

Major: Criminology, Pre-Law




Brylee Yirkovsky

" Brylee is a ray of sunshine! She lights up every room she walks in with her contagious smile!”

Hometown: Swisher, Iowa

Major: Pre-Med