Chi Omega Exec Board and Cardinal Cabinet Directors 2017-2018

Leadership skills are important to know for all aspects of life, from joining an organization at school to interviewing for a future job. In Chi Omega, there are a variety of leadership opportunities; these experiences allow our members to give back to the sorority that has helped shape who they are and has enhanced their college years. Read below to learn a little about each position and each gifted human who fills it!

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Karly Lent


I lead and manage chapter operations to create an environment that is consistent with Chi Omega's six purposes. My position basically oversees everything that the Psi Beta chapter does. I am responsible for enforcing our policies, procedures and bylaws and making decisions alongside the rest of the exec board. On top of that, I am the liaison between our chapter and our national headquarters, where I keep in contact with our regional director and national consultant. I attend many meetings within our chapter, and within the University of Iowa Panhellenic community including: weekly executive board meetings, monthly Skype calls with headquarters, individual member meetings, monthly advisor meetings, monthly Panhellenic Council president meetings, as well as conducting our weekly chapter meetings! I think the thing I love most about my position is the relationships I've been able to create because of it. I've grown immensely with women that I never would've encountered otherwise. This summer I represented Psi Beta at the biannual national convention and to say my love for Chi Omega grew times a million is an understatement. Chi Omega is for a lifetime and that is something I hold dear to my heart. I'm constantly inspired by the women around me and I've never felt more empowered or like I had a place in this world until Chi Omega.


Alli Grier

Vice President

As Vice President, I am keeper of Psi Beta's bylaws as well as our chapter's scholarship chair. What I love most about being the Vice President and on the executive board is helping my sisters succeed academically and learning there is so much more to being a part of a sorority than the letters one wears. It is about mutual connection and responsibility. It is about surrounding yourself with those that push you to be a better version of yourself. Despite challenges, I am thankful for Chi Omega everyday not only for its leadership opportunities but also for the people it has brought into my life.


Sarah Fisher

Recruitment Chair

As recruitment chair, I work with the chapter to prepare for formal recruitment each fall. I specifically direct the half of our members that actively recruit during the rounds, while Kayla works on mechanics and organization with the other half. I do my best to make sure our women feel comfortable and confident when sharing why chi omega is so special to all of it’s members and help women explain how it may be a future home to many of our potential new members. Recruitment is a life skill. It teaches you how to communicate effectively, which is the key to success. Getting to combine this skill with the love I, and so many others, have for Chi Omega is the ultimate gift. I could not image a more wonderful opportunity than leading this chapter in something such as recruitment!


Kayla Carrothers

Membership Chair

My main job is to make sure that the chapter is recruiting girls that uphold our purposes, and will flourish as Chi Omegas. I love this position because I am very interested and intrigued by the behind the scenes work of recruitment. 


Megan Theis


My position is secretary, on the executive board! I'm responsible for ensuring awesome attendance at Chi Omega events, and keeping track of who is, or who is not, in attendance. I also am in charge of updating our various archives such as the chapter roll book, which holds the names and signatures of every Chi Omega in our chapter. Finally, I serve as the liaison between the chapter and the advisers, as I take minutes at each meeting and forward them to the advisers. I love having the opportunity to interact with so many girls throughout the chapter and it's great leadership experience!


Gabbi Nielsen

Panhellenic Delegate

'In this position, I am responsible for being the “middle-man” between Chi Omega and the rest of the Panhellenic community! I absolutely love getting to know the delegates from all the other chapters and hearing about all the good each chapter contributes through philanthropy and campus involvement!"


Madeline Lawrence

Director of Programming

As Director of Programming, I oversee the Cardinal Cabinet Directors. I act as a liaison between the Executive board and the Directors to keep everyone informed and on the same page. I lead meetings with the Directors twice a month and ensure that the entire chapter understands their role within the Cardinal Cabinets. I love witnessing the Directors’ success and growth as a leader! I couldn’t ask for a better team of Directors!!


Annalisa Stillman

Personnel Chair

In my position, I am in charge of standards (enforcing rules and holding my sisters accountable), risk management (making sure my sisters are being safe), sisterhood (making sure all my sisters are feeling loved) and morale (making Chi Omega as enjoyable and fun as it can be) - I also serve as a confidant as everything that is told to me is confidential! I have absolutely loved being apart of executive board. I think what I love most is that my role as personnel is so involved, I GET to care about all my sisters and be there for them when they need me!


Kate Vittore

New Member Educator

I have the privilege of welcoming our new members and getting them well acquainted with our chapter. I spend lots of time first semester teaching about Chi Omega's values and practices, helping with the transition to college, and guiding our hooties on their path toward initiation and becoming outstanding members of our chapter! I am so grateful for this role and it gives me so much joy because it means so much to be a friend, mentor, confidant, and sister to the new members and watch them grow. It's incredible how much your first semester as a Chi Omega shapes your college experience, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my job! So excited to welcome home the next pledge class and give them my all. 


Hannah Birt


One of my main jobs is to create and stick to the chapter budget so a lot of my work is behind the scenes. When we throw any sisterhood, date party, or event I help directors and executive board members stick to their allotted budget. I love being able to ensure that our monetary decisions are being made to reflect the wants and needs of every woman in the chapter!


Mackenzie Watterson

Facilities Director

My name is MacKenzie Watterson, and I am the Facilities Manager for Chi Omega, Psi Beta Chapter! Being the Facilities Manager (aka House Manager) comes with having a lot of patience and understanding. There are many things that the Facilities Manager deals with such as delegating the house chores to each live-in member, being the liaison between House Corporation and the women living in the house and helping to make sure that everything in the house is running smoothly and working properly. For me, the best part of being the Facilities manager is getting to know all the women who live in on a different level and being able to work with and alongside the advisors and House Corporation. Through this position I have learned many important life skills such as organization, communication and delegation and I have loved being a part of the Executive team!


Margaret Kaufman

Internal Social Director

As internal social chair, I am responsible for planning all of our date parties, semiformal, and formal events. It is so fun and I always love watching the event come together in the end! There's nothing better than a night out with all the girls (& our lovely dates). 


Hannah Lee

External Social Director

My job as the social director is to communicate and plan events with other fraternities and sororities on campus so we can grow together as a Greek community and grow closer as sisters. I’m excited to grow Chi Omegas relationships with other Greek fraternities and sororities! 


Katherine Crosby

Internal Philanthropy Director

I am the Philanthropy Director for Chi Omega and it is so awesome getting first-hand experience working with Make-A-Wish! We had out first ever partnering with UI Wishmakers for a Walk For Wishes this past spring that I got to help coordinate, and I am so excited for our Wish Week this September! Being heavily involved in our philanthropy has given my time with Chi Omega so much more value than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful I get the opportunity to be so involved!


Macy Meredith

External Philanthropy Director

I'm the Philanthropy Director for the Community Service Cardinal Cabinet. For my position, I get to share with the chapter all of the philanthropies that other members of Greek Life are hosting to raise money for their respective charities. I also am in charge of making sure everyone gets their volunteer hours done each semester! I love helping Chi Omega continue to be philanthropic while supporting other organizations on campus. 


Clare Keating

Golf Classic Director

I serve as the Golf Classic/Community Service director. In my role, I help coordinate our golf Classic at Brown Deer Golf Club and manage the logistics such as organizing the signup, working with the golf course, and guiding chapter involvement. I love that my position allows me to bring people together in support of our philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish foundation, and that the event is a way for Chi Omegas to have fun with their friends and family while giving to a great cause!


Sydney Albertson and Kaitlyn Ohrstein

Internal Campus Activities Directors

I am one of the campus activities directors for Chi Omega. I help coordinate the campus-wide activities Chi Omega participates in during the weeks of Homecoming and Greek Week. My favorite part about this position is seeing everyone have so much fun during the events... and seeing Chi Omega win, of course ;) - Sydney

I am also a campus activities director! With this title, I lead the chapter in Homecoming week and FSL weekend. I communicate information between the chapter and the Fraternity and Sorority Life executive council, encourage participation, and represent our chapter in the Greek community. I had such a blast during FSL weekend - Winning first place was just the cherry on top! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a leader in such a strong chapter. Next up… Homecoming Week! - Kaitlyn


Mary Mondanaro

External Campus Activities Director

In this position, I organize intramural teams so that Chi O's can compete with other teams on campus. I also am in charge of coordinating with Greek Spirit Wear so that our sisters have Chi O apparel to rep around Iowa City!

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Bella Swan

Internal Sisterhood Director

My name is Bella and I serve as the Internal Sisterhood Chair. With this position I get to plan all of our events that we do as a chapter, and sometimes events we do with other chapters! During my first semester as the Internal Sisterhood chair, my sisters and I snuggled up at the movies to celebrate Galantine's Day, dyed easter eggs at the Chi O house, got sweaty at Hot House Yoga and Title Boxing, and celebrated our seniors before they left. I love my position because I get to work with many members to make events happen as well as learn more about fun things to do in the community!


Jenna Larson

External Sisterhood Director

I serve as the External Sisterhood Director! For this position, I lead in the planning and executing of our two largest sisterhood events, all of which benefit Make-A-Wish: Mom’s and Dad’s Day! What I especially love about this position is that I have the opportunity to see my sisters make incredible memories with one another and their family members. There’s no better feeling than spending countless hours planning an event to see the end result of people smiling, laughing, and enjoying another moment together as Chi Omegas.


Ciara McCune

Internal Public Relations Director

My name is Ciara McCune and my position is Internal Personal Relations Director. My position is a newer director position but I create and design decorative banners and decor for almost all Chi Omega events: sisterhoods, philanthropy events, Mom’s/Dad’s Day and Bid Day. I love how involved my committee is when creating banners/decorations. It makes everyone in the chapter feel involved and accomplished when looking at our finished job-well-done! 


Abby Willey

External Public Relations/Marketing Director

I manage all of Psi Beta’s social media accounts! My committee and I are also in charge of capturing photo and video at all of the Chi O events that take place throughout the year. I love having the opportunity to show the outside world what our sisterhood is all about! It’s been rewarding to showcase our accomplishments and to paint a picture of the greek life experience for friends and family. As a nursing major, it’s been really fun to step outside of my comfort zone and learn all about the strategic side of social media and marketing. Holding a position has made me appreciate this sisterhood so much more!


Dani McComas

Career & Personal Development Director

My position is Career and Personal Development Director! In the fall, I will be helping my motivated and intelligent sisters find opportunities on their career paths or correlated with any of their interests! It’s my job to assist the women of Psi Beta with identifying their strengths, setting career goals, and establishing steps towards professional success through networking and involvement. I’m excited to interact with my sisters and see everyone’s passions. ❤️ I can’t wait to see my fellow sisters/scholars obtain experience and THRIVE in various areas. 


Kate McLaughlin

Alumni Relations Director

My position focuses on certain events throughout the semester such as the holiday cozy party and Christmas Tree/house decorations! We also throw a senior “soon to be” alumni event which has looked a lot of different ways (such as a dinner, brush and barrel event, etc)! love that my position gets a lot of creative freedom in deciding what people want at the event. We can totally create something new or continue the traditions people love! :) 


Rachel Frescoln

Parents Club Director

Being able to have an impact on our chapter by having a leadership position has been so incredibly rewarding. As Parents Club Director, I have the opportunity to make connections with current members' parents and alumni, all while representing the wants and needs of my in-house sisters. Developing my leadership and communication skills all while hanging out with some fun Chi O moms is definitely one of the best opportunities I've had at Iowa so far!


Elli Lenz

Foundations Ambassador

My name is Elli Lenz, and I am the Foundations Ambassador of Psi Beta! As the Foundations Ambassador, I help organize our Chi Omega scholarships, plan our Centennial event, and coordinate with other directors! I love my position because I get to know so many members of Chi Omega by working alongside both the amazing women of our chapter and our outstanding alumna.


Piper Johanns

Educational Director

I am the educational director for Chi Omega. I really focus on scholarship and am in charge of getting diverse speakers to present to our group so we can learn about a wide range of things and become more well-rounded individuals. I love being the educational director because I get to pick the topics and the speakers. This can be challenging since every member has varied interests, but it's so rewarding to have members get excited for Educationals and learn something from them.


Rory Laubengayer

New Member Educator Assistant

I’m so excited to being the helping hand alongside side our New Member Educator, Kate Vittore (who is also my big), as the New Member Educator Assistant! From Bid Day until Initiation I will be by Kate and  the New Members side as they begin their journey in Chi Omega! Being hands-on with the planning of all the new member activities, and assisting Kate in any way she needs is going to be a blast! Making our New Member class feel at home in Chi Omega, the same way we do, is such a special thing and I love that I get to help do that!


Sara Leiding

New Member Educator Assistant 

I am a New Member Educator Assistant which allows me to be a right hand (wo)man to Kate Vittore, the New Member Educator. I serve on the membership education team and get to be a liaison to the upcoming fall pledge class. I help plan the events and meetings that take place for the new members with the hopes of helping them feel better acclimated and happy to be apart of Chi Omega. I love that I get a chance to get to know the newest pledge class and can feel like I’m making a positive impact on their experience!

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