Greek Week 2017

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A little participation goes a long way. That is what we learned during this year’s Greek Week. Partnered with the men of Delta Tau Delta and Delta Upsilon, we took first place overall! From earning the most donations through the Chipotle Community Day in the beginning of the week (we LOVE to eat), to getting crowned the champions at the dance competition called Follies, the women of Chi Omega and our pairings never failed to show up.

Just ask our fearless Campus Activities Director: Katie Cable. Katie went above and beyond all year long, and it was especially apparent during Greek Week. Here is what Katie had to say about our success and teamwork.

"As Campus Activities Director, it is extremely easy to say that Greek Week is one of the biggest weeks of the year. Preparations begin almost a month before, including weekly rep meetings with the other chapters, picking themes, working with dancers to participate in Follies, etc. On top of being a full-time student and working every day at the hospital, preparing for Greek Week definitely was not an easy task, but the countless hours were more than worth it in the end due to the more than incredible efforts my chapter put in every day.

As Greek Week inched closer and closer, I was excited to see our participation in the multiple events throughout the week. These events included the Greek Blood Drive, Chipotle Community Day, Greek Olympics, Circle of Sisterhood Educational, etc. Our members blew me away with their responses to my requests of their involvement – we had an overwhelming amount of blood drive donors (most in the entire Panhellenic community!), an impeccable turnout at Chipotle, phenomenal efforts in Greek Olympics (third place in tug of war!), and other endless participation efforts throughout the week.

While all of this was going on, approximately 30 Chi Omega’s teamed up with our incredible pairing, the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta and Delta Upsilon for the Follies dance competition. Together, we created an exciting CANDY LAND production! Just ask any member – our practices were definitely a ton of work, but every time we left smiling because working together was always a blast! We took our colorful suspenders, candy cane shirts, rainbow tutus, and dyed hair and hit the dance floor on Friday night of Greek Week. We made it to the final round at Carver Hawkeye Arena, and then took FIRST PLACE overall! We also received first place for our stunning homemade banner! I am still smiling from ear to ear to this day – that victory was nothing less than sweet, and I am so incredibly proud of our team!

Greek Week 2017 was hectic to say the least, but the stress comes nowhere close to the amount of fun we had every day. The week ended with the Fraternity and Sorority Life awards, where our pairing received FIRST PLACE overall for the entire week! Our members went above and beyond by working together to reach our absolute greatest potential. Everyone was "all hands on deck" from banner painting, to penny wars, to attending educationals, to cheering on our team at Carver. Our strong sisterhood has never been more apparent than it was during this week, and I will be forever grateful to have had the greatest support system on earth. I am so proud of every Psi Beta member! You ladies deserved every bit of first place! I love you all to the moon, and I can’t wait for Homecoming Week!"

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I loved Greek Week. In high school, I was big into dance and as I started college, I was not able to do some of the things I did in high school. Being in Follies really made my month and reminded me of how fun it is to let loose, dance it out, and just laugh with my sisters.
— Meredith Hickerson, Class of 2020
My favorite part about Greek Week was wearing my letters every day and feeling like I was seeing more of my sisters around campus! The hardest part of the week was definitely not winning the twitter poll, but it was so rewarding winning the week, especially being on the campus activities Cardinal Cabinet! I am so proud of everyone that participated and I can’t until Homecoming week!
— Kayla Corrothers, Class of 2019
Greek Week was an amazing opportunity to get involved not only with Chi Omega, but as a Greek community as a whole! Participating in Follies was the perfect way to show off my mom-like dance moves and get closer with not only my Chi Os but with the men of Delta Upsilon and Delta Tau Delta. I was so proud of our chapter for winning Greek week and showcasing what it means to be a Chi Omega!
— Kaitlyn Orhnstein, Class of 2020
For Greek Week I tried to get involved as much as I could. I gave blood, got Chipotle for the Community Day, and also texted everyone I know to vote #XODTDDU on Twitter! I also performed in the girls dance at Follies and winning Follies was just the beginning of our victorious weekend! It felt amazing to come together and know that the hours of late rehearsals we put into it paid off! Also, I got to pretend I have pink hair for the night, so that was pretty fun, too!
— Ciara McCune, Class of 2020
Greek Week has officially become my favorite week of the year! My goal was to take part in as much as I could. I went to every letter check-in I was able to make it to and took part in each event including Penny Wars, the Circle of Sisterhood Educational, Greek Olympics, and I also was a part of Follies. When everyone found out we won Greek Week, we were beyond excited! I am so proud to be able to tell all of the incoming freshmen next year how awesome being a part of this chapter is and how successful we are able to be when each of us come together. Greek Life raises thousands of dollars for philanthropies to benefit people around the world and although winning Greek Week and Follies was so exciting, the impact Greek Life has on millions of people is truly the ultimate reward.
— Courtney Sadler, Class of 2020