2017 Chi Omega Graduates

 Katherine Mendieta Photography

A lot can happen in four years.

Four years ago, our seniors walked through the door of Chi Omega for the first time. They were 18 years old, had just arrived at The University of Iowa, and had never met the majority of the people surrounding them. Over the course of those four years, they participated in Homecoming weeks, contemplated over who to take to date parties, studied endlessly for final exams, and then wished they could do it all over again when they found themselves apart for three months over the summers. They are the leaders, the nurses, the artists, the dancers, the future CEOs, and they are the ones that will change the world. They are our sisters, and they are our family. 

A lot can happen in four years and the excerpts that follow are simply a snapshot.

As my time comes to a close as a member of Chi Omega, I can’t help but think how much this organization has changed my life for the better. Walking into a sea of girls on bid day is nothing less than intimidating, but little did I know that these girls were some of the best people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. We are not the stereotype of what people believe sororities to be. We are incredibly smart, we are dedicated, we are passionate in all that we do, we are go-getters, and we are philanthropists. Joining this sorority was much more than getting to wear Greek letters or take cute pictures. Joining this sorority was the chance to grow as a leader and to realize I am capable of impacting things much larger than myself. To serve as Chapter President of Psi Beta was truly an honor and I’ll never quite understand how I was given this opportunity; but I will never forget the lessons and values it has taught me. I will always remember sleeping in late on the weekends to find ourselves around the dining room tables to talk about everyones night, or the ability to walk two feet and find yourself in your best friends room. These memories I will keep forever.

As a nostalgic senior, my advice for current Chi Omega’s, is to never take these moments for granted. Go get pizza with your sisters even though you have that test to study for, blast your speakers and have a dance party with them in the bathroom while you’re getting ready for a date party, go to a football game together, stay up late at night when you have an 8am class talking about your memories, try Dance Marathon: do it all. If you give your heart to Chi Omega, she will give it back to you!
— Andie Toledo
I would not be who I am today without Chi Omega. These women inspire me everyday to be the best version of myself. I owe my last four years to these amazing women, and am so thankful to have had my best friends beside me every step of the way.
— Alyssa Nolte
 Katherine Mendieta Photography