Chi Omega Mom's Day 2018

We are incredibly grateful for our moms and the numerous other strong women in our lives. We wouldn't be the women we are today without their encouragement. Mom's Day is special day for all of us here at Chi Omega, where we get to celebrate the empowering women in our lives and give back some of the love and support they have shown us. This year the event was held at Hotel Vetro and the celebration was nothing short of amazing!


I loved my first ever Chi Omega Mom’s Day because I was able to spend time with my best friend, my mom, and I was able to introduce her to all of my sisters. It was such a fun event to celebrate in the spring and I already can’t wait for it next year!
— Ellie Murphy
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I loved getting the chance to spend some quality time with my mum. She is my best friend so it was so nice to see her. I loved introducing her to all of my friends and getting to show her what Chi Omega is all about! I am so proud to be a Chi O so it was really special to share it with her. We do not have sororities in the UK, so it was really fun to introduce her to this and for her to understand it more. I talk so much about my friends so I was really excited for people to meet her. I am so proud of her so I couldn’t wait to show her off!!!
— Jess Hawkins
Being able to have a weekend to spend with my mom was incredible. I loved being able to introduce her to the wonderful women that I surround myself with on a day-to-day basis and show her why I’m so proud to be a Chi Omega. The day was lovely and I know we both really enjoyed ourselves.
— Kara Krantz
My mom and I had SO much fun at Mom’s Day meeting everyone, listening to cute stories, and spending good quality time together! Even though we didn’t get the purses we bid on ;)
— Camryn Glienke
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"Mom’s day is one of my favorite Chi Omega events. I love being able to show my mom the kind, funny and intelligent women I have surrounded myself with. I am so thankful to be in a chapter that I am proud to share with my family." - Hannah Birt

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my mom and my Chi Omega sisters. My mom is the strongest, kindest, most beautiful person I know, and I was proud to introduce her to all of the amazing women in our chapter. Together we danced and laughed and joked and cried, too, as the seniors and I stood up in front of everyone and shared how lucky we are to have been raised by our moms. My mom made me feel as if I had left the world behind and gone on vacation, and I wish that I could spend every weekend with her by my side!
— Morgan Jones

"Since my mom and I couldn’t make it to Mom’s Day last year, this year was my mom’s first real experience with Chi Omega. It was such an amazing feeling to get to show her the people that I’ve chosen to surround myself with during my time at college, and to feel genuinely proud of the friends that I was introducing her to. Moms Day was the perfect opportunity to show my mom all that Chi O is about and why I love it so much, and I know that she loved it too!!" - Macy Meredith


"This weekend was the best of both worlds having my first best friend and newest best friends all around me! My mom felt so at home being surrounded by all my sisters! I loved celebrating all of our moms’ jobs well done- bringing us ladies up to be the strong, talented females we are today. Already counting down the days to next year when the coolest moms come to town again and show IC where all us Chi O’s get our best traits from!" - Renee Cafun

For the past three years at Moms Day my mom and I have listened to each senior class speak about the impact each their moms have had on their life. It’s been something I’ve been looking forward to doing, even though I knew I would lose it as soon as I looked at my mom and saw tears in her eyes. Being able to share my love and gratitude for my mom with the other women that have had such an impact on my life was truly special, and it is something we will always remember.
— Lindsey Hiepler

In addition to the lunch catered by Graze Restaurant, there was a silent auction and the money raised was split between the Chi Omega Foundation and Make-A-Wish. At the end of the event, the grand total was $7,751 with $5,945 going to Make-A-Wish and $1,806 going to the Chi Omega Foundation.

HUGE thank you to our sister Jenna Larson for all her hard work she put into making this event a success. Psi Beta loves you!


"I am because you are."

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