Chi Omegas have s'more fun

These past couple weeks have been filled with so much joy as we were able to spend much needed time with our sisters. We had a sisterhood retreat involving many activities, food, and ghost stories!! Seniors told the new members about their experiences in Chi Omega and we were able to learn more about each other, especially the new members, after a long summer away from each other. Read more below to hear about this fun getaway!!


“i love that chi omega has a sisterhood retreat because i was able to meet girls in our house who i had never talked to before! i now know people in every grade and i got to bond with my lovely pledge class.”

- Callie Thomas

“I absolutely loved having a night with all of my sisters!! I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet all our new members and I was able to have a conversation with every single person that night. My favorite part of the night was having a sleepover with everyone and telling ghost stories before bed!!”

- Peyton Swift

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“one of the best nights, with the best sisters!”

- Emmerson Fuller

Not only did Chi Omega have a sisterhood retreat, but our new members received their big sisters!! During the week leading up to the reveal, also known as CHIO Week, bigs shower their littles with gifts and love anonymously. The first day, “C”, is candy where the littles receive their favorite candy and drinks. “H”, or hand-me-downs, are Chi Omega shirts, hats, and other apparel to get them ready for the next four years. “I” stands for insignia and bigs give things with the Greek letters representing Chi Omega. Finally, on the last day owls, or “O”, are gifted because our symbol is the owl. The next day, the bigs were revealed to their littles through matching shirts. Check out the pictures below to see the pure joy and excitement when the new members found their Chi Omega family!!


“becky and i have been friends since before i joined chi omega. she has always been so kind and made herself available whenever needed. becky was one of the reasons i went chi o! since big/little reveal she has been there for me even more, going out of her way to make sure that I’m doing well in school, my relationships, and chi omega. Becky is the sweetest, most free spirited person ever and i look up to her for that. She’s always brightening my day and i’m so thankful that she’s my big!”

- Kirsten Brown


“once i found out kara was my big, I was overwhelmed with excitement. she radiates positivity and always has a smile on her face. i am so happy i was blessed with not only such an amzing big/sister but a role model that will motivate me to be the best i can be.”

-Megan Verzoni


Big/Little reveal was such an exciting time for both our new and active members. The excitement of making and receiving gifts kept all girls on their toes. The range of personalities within each family showed the diverse sisterhood Chi Omega provides. There were joyful smiles and fun memories made during Big/Little reveal 2018. This will truly be a moment our members will remember forever.

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