Chi Omega Dad's Weekend 2017


During the last weekend of September, Chi Omega celebrated our fathers at our annual Dads Day and hosted the fourteenth annual Golf Classic! We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with our families, play bags with our Dads, cheer on the Hawkeyes, and enjoy some golf of Sunday to benefit Make-A-Wish! Our Chi Omega sisters and their fathers describe their favorite moments below:

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“Dad’s Day is always one of my favorite weekend of fall! I love getting to spend quality time with my dad in Iowa City, and it’s so much fun to watch all of the dads become friends. My dad and I may lose in the first round of bags every year, but we have a lot of fun doing it! Dad’s Day is a holiday I look forward to every year!” -Ellie Begg, Class of 2019

"I always look forward to Dad’s Day. The turnout is huge and the atmosphere is fun. I always play my best golf (and only golf) of the year on Dad’s Weekend. Must be because we get the best caddies out there! It was great to spend a weekend in Iowa City with my daughter, her friends, and their dads." - Mr. Begg


As for me, I grew up with a twin sister ad had to do a lot of sharing with our parents. When I get one on one time with either of them, it’s something I really value and hold close to my heart. Chi Omega gave us an amazing opportunity to spend time together and really reassured me that family is everything. I am so lucky to get to share moments like these with my dad!” - Sara Leiding, Class of 2020

"It was a special weekend because I got to enjoy a different kind of event with my daughter and spending time together is special for both of us. I enjoyed getting to know Sara's roommates and their families better as well!" -Mr. Leiding

“Dad’s Day has always been one of my favorite events throughout the year because it’s a whole family affair! I’m so lucky to have a family that’s always down for some Hawkeye or Chi Omega fun! This year was even more special since it’s my last Dad’s Day, but we definitely did our last one right. Dad’s Day will be an event my whole family is going to miss in my years after college!
— Lindsay Randklev, Class of 2018

"I don't know what was more fun...missing the ball seven times in a row or spending time with my dad!" - Peyton Swift, Class of 2021

"The caddies were better golfers, but everyone had a really great time!" - Mr. Swift


Dads Weekend was the most awesome birthday weekend a dad could ask for. Golf Classic was a great way to bond with the dads!” - Mr. Hickerson

"Saturdays are definitely for the dads!" - Meredith Hickerson, Class of 2020


Katherine Henry

“Golf Classic was a great opportunity to get my brother out of Iowa City! Not only did I get to spend quality time with family, I also got to support all the great kids and families involved with the Make A Wish Foundation!”

I really enjoyed the golf classic. I met so many great people and we all had a lot of fun. It was totally worth the drive to Iowa City, because it’s for such an amazing cause! - Jack Henry, Katherine's Brother

Julia Stenger, our incredible Sisterhood chair planned Dad's weekend and was incredibly pleased with how it turned out. We are so grateful for all of her hard work and dedication that made the weekend such a success!


Julia, Sisterhood Chair

"Dad's Day was an absolute blast! My dad and I didn't play in the bags tournament, but we did organize it and had so much fun doing so. We got to watch games that came down to the wire and we were thrilled to see Gianna Fiandaca and her dad win it all-new defending champs of 88 teams! Following the fun at the house, we went over to Quinton's for a restaurant full of Chi Omegas, food, and cheering for the Hawks. It was beautiful weather, great company, and an awesome time to be able to make the day as fun as I could have!"





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