Initiation 2018: Our New Members are Official!


January brings a plethora of feelings for most people: it brings a new year, a time of reflection, and for Chi Omega’s most recent pledge class, initiation. Leading up to this special event, new members learn about the fraternity established in 1895 and reflect on why they chose to join this sisterhood. As a new chapter begins, we asked our newly initiated members to take some time to reflect on their first semester with their sisters at Chi Omega.   

My favorite Chi O event was the sisterhood event at the orchard. Looking at the past semester, this was one of the first times I hung out with girls who I now call my best friends. I love Chi Omega because it focuses on the values that I want to emulate most: focusing on character rather than my appearance, to be lovable rather than popular, working earnestly, speaking kindly, and choosing wisely. Chi Omega has shown me the sky is not the limit, it goes even further. SO many of my older sisters have accomplished so much, and knowing we care about the same things shows me that if I push myself I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, especially since I have Chi Omega behind me.
— Rory Laubengayer
My favorite Chi O event so far was Dad’s day because my family is so important to me. I love Chi O because I am able to be myself. Chi O has inspired me to not limit myself because of my age or any other challenges. I have applied to many positions and broken outside of my box because of it!
— Emma Hapeman
My favorite Chi O event so far was the apple orchard sisterhood event— I didn’t know very many people going into it since it was one of the first events, but I bonded with so many girls and met some of my closest Chi O friends there! I love Chi O because of the people in it. I feel like I could have a conversation with every one of the girls and they each inspire me in a different way. The girls all hold themselves to such high standards and are constantly striving to become the best person that they can be, so it is amazing to be surrounded with that kind of energy. The Chi O symphony is something that really resonates with me and inspires me if I am having a hard day. Chi O inspires me to be the best version of myself.
— Jess Hawkins
My favorite Chi O Event so far has been Bid Day! It was so cool to meet lots of people in my pledge class, and we had the CUTEST theme! I love Chi O because it is filled with genuine women. All of them are willing to do anything for their friends and approach every task with confidence. Chi O has made me a better person because my sisters push me to make a difference through service. It is so much fun to give back to the community with the support and help of my Chi O friends!
— Mary Grace Henderson
Oh my goodness, where to start. I am UNBELIEVABLY grateful I found and joined Chi Omega. I couldn’t imagine a group of girls as encouraging, funny, loving, or welcoming as the ones I’ve found. To me, there’s no such thing as the ‘sorority type’. Because who wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization as beautiful as this?
— Becky Nelson
I love Chi Omega because when I look at each of my sisters, I see a woman who is always there to pick me up when I’m down; that came in handy during my favorite event, our ice skating sisterhood. Not only has Chi Omega provided me with lifelong friendships, but it has encouraged me to be myself. Chi Omega isn’t Chi Omega without everyone’s little quirks.
— Peyton Swift
My favorite Chi O event so far has been finding out who was my “Big” Sister. It was so exciting to see that Michaela was my big since she made me realize I wanted to be a Chi O! I love Chi O because of all the women who make this sorority what it is. They make me want to be the best version of myself each and every day. I always feel welcome in the house and I know that I truly belong here. Chi O has challenged me to make sure that I put my best foot forward every day and present the world with the best version of myself. Chi O has inspired me to set my goals high and given me the drive to achieve these goals.
— Sarah Niesman
My fave Chi O event was the ice skating sisterhood. Even though I fell almost 20 times, I loved doing it with my sisters. I love Chi O because it represents the kindest, classiest, and most beautiful ladies I know, and I am so honored to be a part of it. The friendships I have formed are so genuine and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Chi O has given me somewhere to run to, and has inspired me to be more kind, more open, and just an overall better person. I love these ladies with all my heart, and I want to be the best sister I can be.
— Julia Romanowski
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I love Chi Omega because it pushes me to be the best possible version of myself. I look around me and I see that I am surrounded by so many hard-working, strong, intelligent, and beautiful women and I am continuously inspired by my sisters. My favorite event thus far was the sisterhood event held at Wilson’s Orchard last fall because it was the first time I got to hang out with my soon-to-be big, Morgan Jones. From that first magical day of bid day to becoming an initiated member, I cannot wait to see what else Chi Omega has in store for me!
— Skyler Lawson
I would say my favorite memories from this past semester was Bid Day and the apple orchard sisterhood. I love getting the chance to celebrate with the entire house and seeing how all the girls come together to support each other, lift everyone up, and just have a good time! I definitely felt that on these two occasions.
— Caely Tietz
I have a few favorite Chi O events! The Holiday Cozy was definitely a very fun and different event that I loved very much. It was so much fun to see everyone in holiday sweaters and to be serenaded by the men of Intersection A capella group. Another favorite event of mine was Myth Night! It was so fun to come full circle after a semester of learning about Chi Omega and finding ourselves within the chapter. We all had so many laughs about the memories we all shared together in just a few short months (and many more to come!). Spending more time with and really getting to know my sisters has really reaffirmed my love for this wonderful organization. We all bring out our best selves when we are together and I truly think we can do amazing things!! I think Chi O has really inspired me to be my best self. I really don’t want to be the person to bring our chapter down, so I make sure to work my hardest to make my sisters proud!
— Andrea Huls
My favorite Chi Omega event so far was the first sisterhood to Wilson’s Orchard. It allowed us all to meet more of the girls in our grade and all across Chi O while still being super fun and cute! I love Chi O for the opportunities that have opened up and all the lovely people I’ve met. Chi O has inspired me to become a better person by giving me goals to attain in school and people to surround myself to help me reach them. Also, I LOVE community service work and Chi O gives so many chances to get out there and help others!
— Hanna Chambers

Initiation is a special moment for everyone in a sorority, but for some of our sisters, it was extra memorable. A few of our sisters have family members who are a part of Chi Omega and their families were able to witness them being initiated.

When I saw my sister, I was so surprised and filled with joy. She’s my best friend and I love that I got to share that special moment in my life with her. Not many people get to experience that. Now we can officially say we are sisters x2!
— Camryn Glienke
It is inspiring that Chi Omega is so rich in tradition that a mother and daughter can participate in the same ceremony!
— Peyton Ross
Seeing Peyton’s initiation was extremely nostalgic for both my mom and me. For my mom, it brought back so many fond memories of her Chi Omega days and for me, it made me cherish the friendships and memories I’ve made thus far and thrilled for those to come. I was so proud, excited, and elated to call myself an official member of Chi Omega a year ago and now that I have this special bond with both my mother and my sister, my feelings only escalate. Peyton, the best gift our parents and Chi Omega ever gave me was you as my sister ❤️
— Morgan Ross
I get to share a sister bond with my cousin, Gracie. It made my initiation experience so much more memorable! She helped me through my entire recruitment process and has always been someone I look up to. I’m beyond happy I get to have a cousin, sister, and role model like her in my life.
— Ali Randolph

As we welcome in our 2018-2019 executive board, we asked the incoming new member educator to reflect on this momentous occasion for the new initiates.

Taking on the role of new member educator is one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had in my college career this far. Learning so much about Chi Omega’s ritual and history has renewed my love for our organization. Initiation was such a heartwarming and meaningful experience for me as I got to experience the big day with our new members, and it was the perfect way to start this journey of being new member educator! There are so many great things I’m looking forward to like Bid Day, meeting PC ‘18, and strengthening the bond of our sisters more than ever before. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!
— Kate Vittore

"Individually unique, together complete"

By the end of the week, we initiated 58 young women into the largest sisterhood in the nation. We are overjoyed for our new sisters to have joined Chi Omega and cannot wait to see what the coming years will bring them.   

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