With 2019 bringing fresh, new starts to the 804, our sisterhood also brought in 53 new official sisters. We held “Invite to Initiation” on Thursday, January 24th. Our new members came to the house in their white dresses, still presenting the pledge pin, and prepared to take their next steps toward becoming an official Chi Omega.

Kate Vittore, the GM leading PC ‘18 toward initiation, led the ceremony with the help of Sara Fisher, our 2017 president, and Mary Grace Henderson, our 2019 president. The girls received their invites as well as inspiring words from their big sisters that only served to strengthen their bond.

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Our new members came to the 804 at various times over the course of Saturday, January 26th and Sunday, January 27th to become official Chi Omegas. Decked out in their best white dresses, our girls turned from new members into sisters.

The entire chapter got together to celebrate the new sisters and the model initiate on Sunday, Hannah Albertson. Hannah embodies everything it means to be a Chi Omega and it is clear in her smile and kindness that she deserved the honor.

We are so happy to welcome all the charismatic, intelligent, and beautiful girls from PC ‘18. We are so glad that all of them chose Chi Omega to be their new home. Welcome to the sisterhood!