The members of Chi Omega-Psi Beta had spectacular spring breaks. Sisters from our chapter left Iowa City when classes let out on March 15th. Some set their sights on Disneyland, Phoenix, Punta Cana, and other vacation spots, while others took their break back home to spend time with family and friends. However, a couple of members used their break to continue their charity work. Sara Leiding, Karly Lent, and Katy Garn spent their break embodying giving back to different communities and supporting people from all walks of life. 

Katy Garn, a member of our newest pledge class, traveled to McAllen, Texas with her church, McFarlin Memorial UMC. She has attended this trip for the past three years and spent the last two years as a team leader. During these trips, Katy and her team help the community by building houses, fixing churches, improving the community centers, and running vacation bible studies.


Katy Garn

“It felt so good being able to give such a deserving family a better living situation. I’m so thankful that I was given the opportunity to meet that family and spend my spring break in service because it really helped refocus my priorities and reminded me to be thankful for all that I have,” Sister Garn said. “I still get a warm feeling inside when I think about the impact I was able to make. I couldn't imagine spending my spring break any other way.”

Sara Leiding and Karly Lent, members of the junior pledge class, spent their week off in Belize. The pair took a class, “International Entrepreneurship and Culture,” through the Tippie College of Business which pushes its students to engage with its subject in the real world. So, Sara, Karly, and 17 other students traveled to a small Mayan community in San Pedro Columbia Belize where they helped local entrepreneurs develop their businesses by sharing marketing tools, ideas for expansion, financial organization tips, and overall helpful facts.


Sara Leiding

“Karly is the one that convinced to go on the trip and for that, I’m forever grateful. I discovered a new part of me that loves to serve others and volunteer abroad,” Sister Leiding said. “Karly has challenged me to do new things throughout our friendship and every single time it pays off.”

These sisters demonstrate the strength that Chi Omega can bring, not only to our sisters but also to those that we are able to help.